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You have stumbled upon this website where I share my story. I finally found the niche for my random blabs. A memoir of inevitable experiences, musings on familiar subjects, or a short tale of my life and you are welcome.

I hope by the time you leave this page I also leave a mark and a smile on your face.
If I did I’ll be happy to know.

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Why Simplified & Free?

I have thoroughly chosen these words not only because it sounded so good together but because it coincides with me living minimally.
I wanted to share my own perspective especially to people of my age.
I have already lessened my stuff and now that I freed myself from everything that held me back I am taking this chance for redemption.





The road to intentional living & minimalism.

” L e s s   i s    m o r e . “

 For me, it isn’t just about perfection and aesthetics.
It’s all about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time & money and improving the overall quality of life.







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